Please read this agreement carefully before using the services of Domínio Social. By purchasing any services, you indicate your acceptance of this agreement and its terms and conditions.

Social Domination maintains the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions at any time. Customers using the Social Domination website agree to follow any changes or modifications. The latest revision of the Terms and Conditions is below and remains valid since its creation day.

Use of the website:
Social Domination has full intellectual property rights over all content and visual elements of the website. This information may not be used, copied, distributed, transmitted, or altered, unless expressly authorized by the marketing department.

Any potential customer agrees to use the website for lawful purposes only, and does not compromise the security of the website, make it inaccessible to others or cause damage to the content of the service, or website. As a user you agree to refrain from any action that may add, subtract or modify the content of the website. You agree to refrain from accessing the content without permission and not to use the website in any way other than the way it is intended.

Domínio Social reserves the right to correct any errors or inaccuracies in the content of the website by changing and updating the content at any time without notice. However, Social Domination does not guarantee that errors, inaccuracies or omissions will be corrected immediately.

Confidential Information:
Social Domination requires only confidential information that allows you to continue the service. Any other material or information sent to the site will be considered non-confidential. You authorize the free and irrevocable permission to use, display and distribute, in whole or in part, the presentation in any way you deem convenient.

Obligation Limits:
Subject to applicable law, the customer expressly understands and agrees that Social Domination and its affiliates, affiliates, executives, employees, agents, partners and licensors will not be responsible for any direct, indirect, special or consequential damages for loss of profit or other intangible losses .

Purchase Agreement:
When investing in any Facebook, Twitter or YouTube service, the client is declaring its intention to carry out an advertising campaign that involves the use of social bookmarking sites in which we do not own or operate. The customer agrees that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have their own sets of terms that may differ from our Terms and Conditions and should be read and accepted at the customer’s responsibility.
As a result of using our service, the customer agrees that terminations of third party accounts as a result of using Social Domination services are at the client’s own risk and risk and in no way the responsibility of Social Domination or any of its affiliated parties.

Traffic Estimates:
Social Domination cannot under any circumstances guarantee the amount of traffic to a website as a result of purchasing any of our services. Any statements or testimonials made by previous customers or third parties related to the amount of traffic received as a result of investment in our services, should be thought of as a guide and not any kind of guarantee as to the traffic that the customer may or may not receive as a result of using the same service.

Termination of Service:
The term of this contract will start after the acceptance of your service request and will end when announced by one of the parties. If Social Domination determines, in its sole discretion, that the customer is abusing the system, the company (without limiting any other rights or resources available for that) may withdraw its participation and retain any amount thereof.

Refund Policy:
Social Domination offers its customers the option to return 100% of the amount via Paypal spent on services in case of Social Domination’s lack of commitment regarding the information described on the website and its Terms and Conditions during a period of 30 days after purchase. We advise the customer to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy thoroughly before making the purchase.
If you think you may be entitled to a refund, or would like some more information about refunds, please contact us through this website.